Keynote speakers

We are delighted to announce Dr. Sophie Sanchez and Dr. Shannon McFarlin as our two keynote speakers.



S SanchezDr. Sophie Sanchez

Uppsala University | Sweden


Sophie is one of the leading researchers using 3D synchrotron scans to analyse the histology of fossil vertebrates. Her work on Eustenopteron has permitted insight into the fin to limb transition that accompanied vertebrate movement from aquatic environments to land. Her current research with postgraduate students investigates the virtual histology of several South African non-mammalian therapsids.







shannonDr. Shannon McFarlin

George Washington University | Washington, USA


Shannon’s current research combines studies of hard tissues with ecological observations of living primates from well-documented wild populations. Her work examines the microanatomy and histology of hard tissues to improve our understanding of the life history, developmental biology, and health of modern primate populations, and offers insights into the evolution of human life history.